We love building websites with Concrete5, it's intuitive to use and very flexible. Unlike other content management systems we have used, we've found that with Concrete5 training is minimal (or sometimes not even necessary) and our clients quickly pick up how to manage their sites. Better still, we've found that clients are then happy to then edit their sites themselves and often feed back to us how easy they find it all (especially if they have used different systems in the past).

To use a quote from Franz Maruna, the CEO of Concrete5CMS Inc. :

"Concrete5's in-context editing makes the non-tech-savvy website owner feel comfortable with making the small changes on their own, that gets them thinking creatively about bigger challenges, which is a good thing."

(For a great summary of the Concrete5 'philosophy', see the rest of the forum post where the above quote comes from)

With all the above being said, we've found that some clients still like to have some instructions they can follow. They feel more confident and don't worry that they'll miss something in a training session.

The Concrete5 website has some great resources in their documentation, including videos that cover how to perform a wide range of tasks. We're very glad that these exist, but sometimes we find that our clients just need a few pages of notes, and in particular something printable.

So we decided to develop a 'Quick Reference Guide' for Concrete5 ourselves. We started off keeping things to two pages and adding the most basic things clients would need to know. We then slowly expanded it, adding questions we have often been asked.

We thought once it got to this point, we would release it publicly for anyone to make use of. We've intentially left off our name and logo, so that others can use it.

We're offering it as a PDF here. If you would like a more editable copy, please get in touch.

Although very usable, it is still a work in progress and there are likely to still be errors within it or sections that need improvement. We still may add further pages down the track and we think we'll take better screenshots as well.

If you find any mistakes or have any suggestions for changes, please leave a comment and we'll update the document where appropriate.

Download our Concrete5 'Quick Start Guide' (PDF format, version 0.8)

- Ryan and Lelita